There is not much to say about the Supercopa. It was a fine win for Real Madrid and I think it’s fair to say that the two legs didn’t show one’s absolute supremacy over the other – but it probably prove them both to be superior to any other team on this planet. And this is the point where things get funny. Because if they are the two best teams on Earth, then the greatest striker of the planet should be on that pitch, right? However, I looked and looked and looked once more and I didn’t find the best striker in the world playing the Spanish Supercopa. And it really sounded strange, because I know he plays for a Spanish team. Then I got it, a few days later, when I was watching the other Supercup – the UEFA one. There he was, Falcao. Just pitilessly crushing the champions of Europe, with all the class in the World and a hat-trick for history. Still, I’m confuse: how come Radamel Falcao does not play for Real Madrid or Barcelona? Am I missing something here?